Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Cool story

Wow just so intense and the story is so deep keep up the amazing work no major changes are needed at all, So this was a cool story I never got to finish watching the whole series so glad I can take my time with this series now these were the pivotal animation that got popular and made it out into the real world so props to you on such an amazing achievment this was awsome.

story is so deep keep up the amazing work no major changes are needed at all


This may be the best entry in the series! It's mostly because of how philosophical it is. I'm so glad it ended on such a high note. My only complaint is that I did miss some of the characters. Well, I couldn't remember their names anyway. I love the music.

Why do you call it a wacky little comic? It was quite serious! I love how you thank everyone at the end. I love the quotes too. This has been a great experience.

this is scary good

this is genius! people need to watch this to be reminded of our capabilities and responsibilities. i wept at my failure to 'face up" to my giving up on myself and the human race


i watched all and it is great! emotional and momental it contains the traces of your creative mind if you have a oppourtunity, go for the film im sure itll touch the stars if made as perfect as the graphic novel.wish u good luck fr it


Are you sure this series is just a experiment?? its hinting Masterpeace here!
or w/e u like to call it....atm i cant describe how awesome this series was. i aint big on religion but.. this toon was vary interesting. nice work man!