Reviews for "To Kill A Clock05 Trailer"

Awesome shit!

This was awesome I can't wait for the movie to come out, this looks great!

LOL I would love to watch the sull version.

I loved when the clock said "stop right there, bitches." it made me giggle.

AntiClockClock responds:

The full version will be out withen a couple weeks depending on if I have enough time to work on it. Thanks for the review!

A must see!

This is going to be a must see flash... screw all that other crap on this site!

dude wtf?

its good and all the graphics are good te premise is good the music is even good but the thing thats gonna kill the movie is the voices..... if i were you id cange them because they suck

ha ha ha ha ha ha

i dunno what i can realy say about this, its jsut very funny, worth watching, we salute you anticlockclock

AntiClockClock responds:

Thank you kind sir!