Reviews for "To Kill A Clock05 Trailer"

I don't understaa-aand

What are these clock animations? Why do they all have computer voices? Where are the people?! What's going on?!!? AAA
Your graphics were good though. And I liked the music choice. So you get a fair to piddling 7/10 from me.

AntiClockClock responds:

You will learn more when the actual release is out. I am including a Q&A as a bonus feature, so thank you for your questions and your fair review. :)

don't really get it

I was watching this and felt it looked so familiar, so I checked out your first "to kill a clock" movie, and the story seemed to be virtually the same. Are you remaking that animation with newer graphics? I can't say I found it very much impressive. It's not nice to say and all, but I think you could do better by now, with all the experience you've gained from making Flash movies. The voices were a bit weird too, SBC and Anticlockclock started out using the same voice, then ACC was using the voice usually used for SBC. Well, this is just a trailer after all, but I hope the final product looks more like a significant improvement over "to kill a clock."

AntiClockClock responds:

Yes, it is a remake with better graphics and a more in-depth story/script. It is going to be a huge improvement and I am combining everything I know about flash to make this.

I hate clocks

and anything, that is in any way, shape, or form related to them.


you want a 5 so bad, heres your damn 5! HA!



an okay trailer, doesn't show too much, never too found of the clocks, and even if i wasn't this trailer, should make me want to watch it, i mean it should get people excited to watch it, but you didn' t do it here. Was that music from Golden Sun i'm not sure.. oh and i voted for you , not against.


AntiClockClock responds:

The music was from Final Fantasy 7 and this isn't just a movie about clocks, its a movie against clocks... geez am I gonna have to explain myself to everyone all over again?