Reviews for "To Kill A Clock05 Trailer"

A Story of Bad Flash

Just a few things to point out....

First of all, this is a trailer. Trailers go in the Alphas section. I saw you get unnecessarily pissy at the last guy who said this, but I think it needs pointing out anyways.

The trailer you made is quite repetitive. Perhaps something along the lines of fewer text filler areas and longer animated segments in between them would help this.

Your graphics in this weren't too horrible, but they could use a lot of work. In the first room scene.... details would add greatly to this. A chair or two, a lamp, something on the wall, perhaps? Just a little more time and effort can produce a much more impressive scene. In the shot of the three clocks on the computers, perhaps making the computers different, even slightly so, would help. Also, change the mouse movements of the clocks so that it doesn't look so much like a copy/pasted movie clip. There were a few more details about graphics I had in mind, but they were related to the first ones, so I'll spare you the extra reading.

The music was fairly effective, but I'd suggest looking for a song without MIDI voices like that in it. The clock voices had some variation between them, but were still clock voices.

Lastly, I hope the storyline is developed more before you make the full movie. This was not enough plot to make a full movie out of.

Thank you.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

i dunno what i can realy say about this, its jsut very funny, worth watching, we salute you anticlockclock

AntiClockClock responds:

Thank you kind sir!



order dominos too

and lose some weight.

AntiClockClock responds:

You want me to order dominoes, but you want me to lose some weight? Your intelligent.


Do you hate the clockcrew?

AntiClockClock responds:

All questions will be answered on the release of "To Kill A Clock", stay tuned buddy! :)


you want a 5 so bad, heres your damn 5! HA!