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Reviews for "Tin:The Incompetent Ninja"


yeaaaaa, even though there isnt that much to the comic you made an awesome flash for it. Keep up the great work on the comics and i hope you make another flash soon.

SnafuDave responds:

Thanks Azriel. I'll definately make another flash some time.

Not bad man

Kinda have to agree with the guy below me on the stealthy part but hey, it was a great job for a first flash.I've been reading your comics for a while and i have to say, you've got a natural skill for drawing, story line originality, and invoking different elements like suspense, comedy, action, and making it all look swell. Keep up the good work, crossing my fingers for a ppg doujinshi.

SnafuDave responds:

Oh thanks man. The PPG doujinshi is actually drawn by Bleedman though. But thanks for the review.

For the first....

I have to say I was expecting something a tad bit different. After enjoying your comics I wasn't exepcting quite the violence you displayed with this. I could see possibly a few deaths here and there cause of look a likes, but 100? Perhaps a bit over the top which I know is suuposed to be the funny part of it, but too much violence can turn people away. Ninja's do usually involve some sort of killing, but normally stealthy?

I will say that its a great video for your first attempt, and your style of drawing is excellent. I like reading your comics so keep it up, and perhaps when you have time you will do more video's of a less "mature" audience in mind.

SnafuDave responds:

Oh good point. Yeah the Tin comic is actually in a completely differernt direction from the other comics. there is the PPG Doujin which is more family friendly story based comic. Snafu which is gag based crude "mature" humor, then Tin which is violence based "mature" humor. So yeah violence isn't usually my sense of humor but for this particular comic it's the direction I decided to take to make it a little bit different. But I totally understand it being too much or not your cup of tea. But as long as it' a Tin animation violence will be a big part of it. Perhaps I'll do an animation non Tin related and violence won't factor in. Thanks for the review!

a nice prequel to the series

very well done, a nice prequel (sp?) to the TIN series

your style is awesome and the animation is very smooth, much enjoyment is had

on a side note i really like how you have replied to nearly all of your reviews (as of now) it really shows how much an author cares about his work

after watching the movie dilliberating, then taking into consideration that its your first ani, its earned a happy 5

best of luck on future ani's

SnafuDave responds:

Thanks man! I try and respond to everything I get be it e-mail, review, Deviant Art Comment, whatever. I feel it's the least I can do since people were kind enough to give reviews for me. And thanks for the review. I'm glad you noticed it was a Prequel. A lot of people missed that (and understandably so.) But yeah thanks again!

Beautiful, but not quite fulfilling...

The graphics, music, and animation were absolutely awesome. However, the ending wasn't all that satisfactory...it looks like you just got tired of making the animation and ended it there. Tin: The Incompetent Ninja...for being so incompetent, he still got his man.

SnafuDave responds:


read the second comic. No he didn't...