Reviews for "Tin:The Incompetent Ninja"


Good old ninjas..but the man behind the work.!!! GODLIKE!! I also was drawn towards Snafu Comics by the PPG doujinshi. Your work continues to impress xD Keep the stuff coming :F

SnafuDave responds:

Thanks man! I'll try and get some more work done soon but we'll see.

bleedman made me do it

yes!! NINJAS!! yea, i will admit i was originally drawn to snafu comics by bleedman's PPG doujinshi... but when i saw the TIN comics, i laughed my ass off!! keep the movies coming!

SnafuDave responds:

I'll try. I'll try. I really need to update Tin more.


This is very cool

SnafuDave responds:

I'm glad you liked it.

Horrible in the good way

Oh racism, isn't it what keeps us different from the animals? Very good, I really like the comic too :D. I love the look of the flash as well, very power puff/samurai jackish.

SnafuDave responds:

sweet, because that's the look I was going for. Thanks.

Short..yeah...gory,cool and AMAZING...HELL YEAH!!!

Your flash was EXELENT!!! im a great fan of you and bleedman's work! keep it up man!!

SnafuDave responds:

thanks man!