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Reviews for "There she is!! step 2"

Cuter than a basket of kittens

This movie contains two things I usually dislike; a level of cuteness and a japanese style of animation. But this really is an extremely good flash, the style really helps the plot.
I'm finding myself liking it for it's cuteness, which means i'm turning soft. So thanks..I think.
Anyway, great flash, can't wait for the next one.

Very good!

That is like the best flash ever!

Another master work.

Good work.

perfect harmony

that's what it is. every element of this flash coincides with another- from the music, the story, the character movements, even the background.. cant wait for step 3!!! hurry up sambakza!!

Well Made Flash

I don't enjoy this as much as the first one, but it is still a very impressive flash.

Graphics: Perfect
Style: Perfect
Violence: Little
Interactivity: Contains Preloader/Play/Replay
Humor: Average
Overall: Perfect