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Reviews for "There she is!! step 2"

Cute characters

Wow the little character here is very cute, and it jumps into some action here, really nice work here, So kind of like a big event there is lots to do and see aswell as all the little extras and you have brought all that and more into this flash, So props to you on a good piece here. Its Refreshing and a good Discovery you have Earned my attention on this one.

Some dialog in some form would have been cool.


Legendary. I remember seeing it when I was a kid.

I love this.

So very cute!!! The song is nice, and the animation is very good as well. The story is cool in this one, and incredibly cute. I love how, despite the undertones of racism throughout the series, the main characters' families and friends support them. There were some cool camera angles and movements and that short action sequence with the scruffy-looking bunnies was really good. The humor was also nice, what with the people in the train station and the scruffy guy punching his friend. Also, I really like the way the family and friends look. I can definitely see why this is a classic, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Gosh, I remember watching this series so much a couple years back. It must have been almost ten years ago, and this episode specifically is one of my favorites! (Still is!)

nice, cool, awesome and cute