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Reviews for "There she is!! step 2"

this was probably my favorite flash series as a wannabe (before i became what i am now) and the linework is so smooth and really set the standard back then, even holds up today; but something i am noticeing now as a grown man really pisses me off. why is their so much freaking racist stuff in there she is....its really bullcrap. you can cancel dr seuss and potatohead but THERE SHE IS can have rapid animals marching through the street like "yeah!! yeah!!" their one of those!! One Of Those!" who needs to see that. what the hell.

being raised on stuff like this, and violent lyrics like system of a down and iron maiden, its amazing the kind of stuff you are imprinted and conditioned to, I wish i had an older person tell me how lame and dumb the music i was consuming back then was; i am a far more positive person now.

and now....the xenophobic race obsession of the there she is series...something I wish I never reminded myself of. I simply wished to have a nostalgic experience of my favorite flash series of all time (this isnt even my favorite episode and i dont even know how to find it now great job newgrounds) but instead of the warm fuzzy drunk of nostalgia, I am greeted with cold eldritch hands that gently lift the rose tinted lenses off of my previously ignorant and now humbled and shellshocked face....I cant believe I used to consume such racist material at a young age. Consistently.

Perhaps SamBakZa can use his present day animation skills (i assume seventy-fold better than there she is) to apologise for this, and make a series about how cancel culture is bad and the solidification of reverse racism in our post-patriarchal trigger warning baby crib society!!

Now THIS... I haven't actually watched it (well, i just did), and may I say, that is the smoothest animation I have ever seen on a Newgrounds movie this old. It stands out in a very good way. It's not part of my childhood, but it is very good! :)


That is an incredible improvement in just one year!

She ate the cake like a beast it took her a few bites