Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 5"

Great Finale! Nice Job!!!

That was very funny... I was expecting to see a fast and big sized movie, but this is just the same, great job for! this is a funny series.

I love every thing from Boston acsents and all

this is the bested olny bested by You Are A F&%# Moron. DOn't ever change a thing. this is so hilarios it make me proud to be a Bostonian. I love bill he is so funny

make more !

pls dont stop making more, we want more!!!


Dude this series is pretty cool, i mean the graphics aren't the best but I love Marty! He so fucking funny. Why is he in IA? Are we gonna find that out? oh yeah Suck Them Suck Them Suck Them! Fucking great.


Really, REALLY funny.

"My sack says Idaho."