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Reviews for "Xperion"


this is real;y good! do you mind if i use this as a boss theme in a game i'm working on?

MashedByMachines responds:

Sure, go ahead :) be sure to tell me when its done so I can play your game :)

Simply Awesome :D

Its not every day that I get notified that you've uploaded a new song, but when you've submited something new, I know it'll be a great track :D
You master alot of genres, all from the video game genre, to pop, to rock, to dance ect ect :D

I love the bitflow, the choices of synthts and sounds are perfect, The chords' rocking aswell, and the bass is pumping. I love the arps that blends in with the pad-ish lead :P

you get full score from me ^^

+ I will feat this song on my new front page post ^^
and I've already fav'd you as an artist ^^

Keep it up Allex :D and thanks for this submission, I can't stop listening to it.

Cool sound

Like the melodies and much about this music. Awesome!

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks man :)

Super electronica

This may have been designed as game music, but in my mind it could very well stand alone in Electronica genre. The synthesizer is well done. Sure you can hear some "game" elements in it, but so what. Was going to says that the "fuzzy" overtones detracted, but then what about rock musicians using a fuzz guitrar? Not much different. Melody is good and the "chorus". Nice stuff.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks for your review and analysis of the genre :) I intended it to be some kind of electronica with videogame sounds ;D or something like that , dunno really, I just like using old-school nintendo and C64 isntruments :)

Taken it bak

love the old sounds to new thing....really good