Reviews for "I'm Feeling Lovely"

A real beauty!!!

It's really been a while since I last heard something this cool :D

great song!

this song is a good song to listen to when you need to calm down. it has that quality that both soothing and relaxing. really nicely put together but a slightly louder down beat would be nice, but other than that great song! 10/10!

I remember playing Flight a long time ago, trying to get my leopard print paper plane to fly as far as possible. I was still in ArmorGames back then, but man, I remember the smooth sound of that guitar. I never realized how beautiful it was until I stumbled upon this post.

Thank you,

I love it! Very relaxing.

stackz989 responds:

Thank you glad you love it :)

Really nice ^-^ <333

stackz989 responds: