Reviews for "I'm Feeling Lovely"



Fitting name...

A great feel good song. It's so mellow and relaxing, I definitely feel lovely as I listen to this.


When i hear this music.I remembered my girlfriend.It makes me enter is a recaptulation mode,and i remember when i was a child,playing on the streets of the little city i lived on that times.This music is a music than i forgot my problems and makes me feel lovely,and i wanna go outside,run and fall on the grass of a park...

I LOVE IT. SO SOOTHING. when playing or do something this creates a very magical atmosphere. XDDD

Great music. The mix of the high hats with the rythmic tone coupled with the drums was just a wonderful mix. Maybe one of the best I've heard in newgrounds

stackz989 responds:

Thnx markopile