Reviews for "I'm Feeling Lovely"

Nothing wrong with the

Frequency But you have the sample so loud that it overrides. set it all lower except for the drum part that doesn't override.
Remember one thing sound adds up So volume 5 plus volume 5 makes volume 10..
Nice song but technical work to be done :)
7/10 4/5

stackz989 responds:

Thanks for reviewing my work. :) I'll do what I can do to fix certain technical problems my friend. I love the vote!

Woaaaaaah crap

EQ EQ EQ EQ EQ OMG MY EARS XD good but you really need to fix the frequency

stackz989 responds:

Hahaa, ok. Thanks for listening to the track. Thought no one would speak. But I will produce more music and I'll work out the frequency. lol