Reviews for "I'm Feeling Lovely"


Perfect for winding down and, as a fellow musician,doing very good! I , however don't hear any problem with this song and the sound. Keep up the good work!


yeah, quite relaxing and cool and stuff, but it's not really anything somehow. where's the melody? it's jjust a backing track for.. whatever. snow falling maybe.

and.. man, if you only use one drum beat in the whole song.. you could just as well leave the drums out. after 30 sec it just becomes an annoying background noise.

imho, this song needs at least 4 things:

1) a melody. perhaps played by a saxophone or something in that category.
2) harmonic diversity
3) rhythmic diversity
4) EQ!!!


flower fields... hahaha

I wish i could tab this. =)

At ease....

just listening to this song eases the mind and relaxes the soul. Keep it up man, and they were right the frequency is off, but if you lower the volume the song plays at a nice manageable level. 10/10 5/5

stackz989 responds:

Thank You! Nice review :D Glad this song eases the mind and relaxes the soul. Thanks for speaking out. - I love the vote! :)

Ow Yeah...

Ahh,Good For Relaxing
Good Job.

stackz989 responds:

Thank You! :D