Reviews for "I'm Feeling Lovely"

Been listening to this since I was a young teen oh my god, this brings back memories of me and my brother playing that dumb plane game, countless hours of fun and stuff. I've always loved this tune so so so much. Hope you're still making awesome music like this. :)

Really nice ^-^ <333

stackz989 responds:


Wow... Just wow...

I've been searching for this song for years. Even without hearing this song for such a long time, it stuck with me many years after playing the game "flight". I would be commuting, eating, or studying and I would still somehow remember it. It's great to finally be able to hear this song again, it sounds just as great as the first time I heard it.

To the author of this song,

Thank you very much for making this wonderful piece of art.

I just want to know... Stackz989, can me and my friend use this for a game?

Hey I was wondering if you have piano sheets for this song? Also with your permission obviously, make a piano video for this song and post it on YouTube maybe?.. c: