Reviews for "Robotnik Rave Party"

Hm, not bad

So, it's good, but some fails with tones is really shits on this. I mean, that it's cool, and i voted 5, but it's real worth is 4 of 5... (sorry for bad english)


Of course, Mixer, you already know what I'm going to rate this. It's a little distorted in a couple of spots. It's not an incredibly bad distortion (to me), because synths and leads are going to do that. I love this song. It's epic and badass. Period. Of course, I love almost everything by you, as you should know from my YouTube reviews of your songs.

i like it

you did an excellent job with the music. it may not be perfect but its more than good enough for me to give you a 5

a bit to loud?

I'm listenign to your track using my headphones and it looks like some parts are a little distorted.

MixerProductions responds:

yeah my Mixing Down/Mastering skills arent the best sorry about that lol


I gonna download this :D