Reviews for "IM ATTACK!!"

pissed off

i seriously got pissed at this game with all the links i cant even get through it cause every freaking time i play it a im with a link pops up and i click it ive tried this thing about 5 times already!!!!!


nice....lol it was pretty dam hard to close all the n00bs, but hey, im the MAN xD

Nice game

But, I have a suggestion to make it better, you're allowed to minimize the AIM thing

i did it!!!i did it!!!!!

96kcd that's the pass to that account my hand hurts for all that X pressing and so hard those little buttons aahh i think my arm is gonna fall off......to late8-)


That was really fun, although it got so hard to click on the tiny buttons at the end I just gave up. I love your stuff, and this was no exception.