Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

I like it

But there is a hard bassline missing, or it is too slient

Strangely sounds like a game theme.

Also reminds me of ColourPod 2's music, only faster and action packed. The rhythm is very catchy and easily taken in. A good background music for those "chase scenes". Overall well made

Great Effects

hi, s'been a while since I came by 'cos my computer's sound drive broke down, the lack of music for like 3 weeks nearly drove me insane! I'm not kidding

I think it's pretty good, the flow's simple but the sound and the beat's done really well this time 'round with that techno-dynamic sorda thing
in particular, the spead and heavy beat of the overall track really creates that wicked fast-paced atmosphere

now the vical style is something new again, but combined with the edited effects, it fits perfectly into the whole song

it's short, true, but it does have a lot to it, so a good 9 should help it
out of all your "experimental" tracks, this one's the most improved and refined, awesome work NT

Hail music! Sinister's back in action!
-Sinister Aura-

NemesisTheory responds:


Thanks, I wish it could've been longer but we all ran out of inspiration really, I suppose it was more of a short test, but then again there are shorter songs out there... just put it on loop or something XD, not much more i think we could've pulled out of it.

i'm glad you liked it and glad to see you back on ng! :3

Cool song

Cool song, bad game. :D

Awesome job, The fact that there is a lyrical portions in this is amazing. There are few, if any, DnB songs that pull this off like this one did.