Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

Indeed booming!

Well combined decent Drum 'n Bass Skills, nice and leasn back Sound and amazing Lyrics what means Pendulum KICKS ass *w00t* The simple Idea putting some vocoded Vocals on the beat and a nice unobtrusive Drumkit definitely display some Pendulum here. The Lead Synth from the beginning cound be louder and more saw -ish (what?!) and I am missing additional Synth Melodies after the Vox Part, it just goes Intro with some channels muted, then the "Chorus", Vocal Part and back to the Chorus. At 1:22 I really expected some more Melodies or Saws or just something leading in a new Synth-Drop rather than just the same "Chorus" and the Outro (which is just a reversal Intro, bah!) the Beat is repetitive, the Synths ARE present but too subtile and quiet.

MSN sometimes beefs things up u know xD


Holy crap

Holy crap NT. Your music is just almost perfect.
I can really hear this on the radio allready xD
It just almost sounds like it's produced by a famous DNB artist!

Well done man!! I LOVE IT :D
-ParagonX9 <3