Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


paragonx9 alwase has great songs!

Gets me pumped up

Let me just say that this song is awesome to run to! It has great energy to it! Also, the synth sound at the beginning and in the background throughout most of the rest of the song reminds me of that song Xenon from DDR, which was one of my favorites. Awesome job on this song!

Fast as getting killed by a hypersonic jet

wtf is the bpm?! 300?!!!! :D


friend of mine refered me to this site and this group or person. nice work downloading all your music. ever think of going pro?


lol ive been looking for the author of this song for almost a year after i heard it while playing spaceattack on another site and i didnt even think to look on newgrounds XD anyways AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!!!