Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

You've done it again!

I'm never disappointed with your work, Paragon!

I can't wait until someone makes a simfile for this.

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks! <3
Yeah I really love to play sm/itg/ddr.
The simfiles would definately be a 13+ xD

epic as always

you are like king of the music portaL

As good as expected!

As this song probably was intended to, it pumps me up and wants to let me play a racegame for 6 hours straight.
The slow part falls a bit out of tone, but I can't really complain; Removing it would most likely make the song repetitive in what it tries to do.
So in all, it's cool.

[En ff onder ons, ik ben dik jaloers:P ik wil ook zulke vette beats maken!]

11/10 complete tide-turner.

I hnestly don't know wht the heck the two guys behind me were up to with the 8 and 7, but I can't see any real problem here.
Loved the change in theme tunes from the start to the end.
the transition was good too.
the synths tied in almost perfectly with the beats.
hands-down 10/10.

sweet awsome

sweet awsome