Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


It's been long since we saw you post a song here, hehe. No problem though, cause this is réally good! i love the whole mix and the composition and the whole build-up is nice as well.

What is also great, that there are so many colours in this song and so many transititions, and all of the parts, both the hard and the soft parts, are réally awesome and just really fit well.

Keep posting these áwesome songs,

Pride of the Dutch! xD



Do you ever make anything bad? Duh nuh uh ! this shit drilled it self into my right ear and hooked my brain on the way out of my nose! \o/ U Own Teh Audio P0rtal ! all my 5 r belong to diz.

Another VG Inspired Insta-Classic

Paragon's greatness knows no bounds. She could work for Konami. I would certainly want to dance to this on standard(I don't think I could take it on heavy). This track certainly does take some influences from a couple great DDR originals. Like the piano solo sounds like it could fit into V, and the slow down/speed up is reminiscent of Ecstasy.


This is definetly as good as some of your other stuff, Paragon ^^
Ima put on my Ipod!


sound almost like a FF battle scene lol