Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


This really does sound like something from DDR but sounds a lot more fun to dance to and is.
Good job. Look forward to more from you.


this is cool dude,keep up the good work!

:D FREaKin A



This is dance dance revolution music right? Right? No? I thought it was. Nice job!

This is GREAT!

the power of all the beats, and the familiarity behind them all creates a great sound, something people are familiar with, yet new enough to keep the attention, great song to just lose your mind to and enjoy. At the moment where it went to a calm piano, thats where you can tell you were definitely having fun with this, I almost laughed. I've been listening to your music while playing World of Warcraft and I actually wasn't mad when I missed my heroic random queue as a dps (anyone here who knows what that means will know how much of a kick in the nuts that really is, since its around an hour wait to just beat stuff up lol).

Nice job overall though! I'm definitely putting you on the "Top NG Artist" list I got in my head.