Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


I listened to this like 6 times.
Seriously, great job!
You are gettin back into makin music and Im glad. :)

Also, stop makin so much good music or I might have to start makin collabs to them. haha

hell yeah!!!!!

this song is full of energy alright!.....
the game this song would fit best in would be a game where you pilot a fighter in high speed blasting numerous enemies as you move towards their homebase.....
i love this song, now that it is said, please make more music in this style.....

i do enjoy

hope its not your last time trying a song like this. awesome, chick

THis definitely has a bit of "Sharpnel" to it...

Some of the synths you used and the progression totally reminded me of DJ SHARPNEL. Really nice job, I'm trying really hard to find a flaw, but sadly I can't find anything wrong with it.


xD And here I thought you wouldn't be able to beat Chaoz Fantasy. You proved me wrong <3