Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


i love drum n bass andance n stuff but this is waaaay over the edge!!!

this just as such a great sound and beat to it and i like 00:54 with the voice goin whoah!!!!!

anyway no uch else to sa caue its just soo good all the instruments are perfect no way this could get any better. its goin straight to my ipod


u get a nice winking smiley face enjoy that u earned it!!!


Nice one

It looped, but I didn't notice :P

Request: more please :)

ParagonX9 responds:

Thank you! Allready working on new stuff ^^

this song is AWSOME!!!

youve done it again paragon!the amount of energy in this song is enough to power a city!great job!

ParagonX9 responds:

Thank you!!! =D
yeah energy indeed! couldn't agree more xD

Should be on DDR

Sounds like something from Mr.T. I love the tunes, it's fast and it's effective. This would be an awesome song to play on DDR and similar games.


Do you ever make anything bad? Duh nuh uh ! this shit drilled it self into my right ear and hooked my brain on the way out of my nose! \o/ U Own Teh Audio P0rtal ! all my 5 r belong to diz.