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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

Very good.

I loved It's fast paced beginning, to a slow but enjoyable middle and back to being fast again, just great to hear.

Worthy of a 10 and 5.


REALLY AMAZING! if a bit repetative.

Yay, happy trance!

O YAY! Hahah, this is awesome. Going on teh ipod. ^^ It's so....happy. Then it turns into like...slow, then gets all WHAM. You know what I mean? XD never expected anything less from the master of techno. Keep it up, Paragon!


Xenon Refrence?

Mah, I herd a song In DDR Max 2 Called Xenon which had the same melody.
Nice song though. :)

Re: ComplexGod & TheCadre

You guys too?! Awsome! I was thinking the same thing too!