Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


To be honest, I believe you've made better songs and I must agree with the one who spoke about 1.37, where the music kinda stops. I don't care too much about that though. I still love it, and I love all your other songs. You're amazing. I'm adding this to my fav!

Hyperactive song

I love how the rhythm of the music goes, revolving yet thrusting itself towards more and more action pack tunes. Headbanging is eminent for such music.


I love this peice of work, and im a great fan of youre music! KEEP IT UP!


I think you are THE BEST Electronic Artist on NG! This is very very cool! It's a Flawless PX9 Work of art! You should do a collab with some of the other most succecfull artists out there! You have a musical mind that I cannot comprehend! I am astonished by every song of yours I listen to!

It loops very nice too!
Check out some of my stuff!

Love it.

I remember listening to you're work a very long time ago, However i never knew who did those songs until recently, Great song, I hope to hear more from you.
Keep up the Great Work!
5/5 9/10