Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

=) love it

i was gonna give up making music, but i reckon i'll be making more now. =)

PS: [any advice would be greatly appreciated...please? ;)]

(i worship you!! =D)


I LOVE YOR WORK. ur the best at music and stuff i have 25% of ur songs there the best and so are you and i like the upbeat acid techno dance thing verry much and dont stop making stuff i liek them lots

speed=insane awsome!!

now thats fast! i love that!! you are insane!! haha! love this song! practically faved it as soon as i herd it!


Another epic song from Paragon X9. Have you ever done a bad song? Very good, love the fact that you did something a bit faster this time. Nice :)


nice on chick....keep it up