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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

Lol! She is the master of NG (one of them, anyway)

"This song suffers from inconsistency problems"
Apparently, you don't listen to music much...diversity is what makes the song...too much repetition and you get a drawn out techno song...one that everyone has heard. We cant be having that!

Been quite some time since we have heard from the great PX9...^^
QUESTION: Do you DJ in real life or something? It just seems like it, or you said it before in a comment on one of you other works...:/

11/10 complete tide-turner.

I hnestly don't know wht the heck the two guys behind me were up to with the 8 and 7, but I can't see any real problem here.
Loved the change in theme tunes from the start to the end.
the transition was good too.
the synths tied in almost perfectly with the beats.
hands-down 10/10.

I dig it

Great stuff. Definitely loved the different vibes I got from various points of the track. However, I must admit that this is mediocre compared to the rest of your work (which ends up still being really good anyways). Cons first.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but I agree the inconsistency is something of an issue. The slowing of the track down was frankly very abrupt. This is probably is the most negative aspect of your creation. I adore more melodic/slow parts in songs, it's just that you can't hop to it in a snap. Breakdown more smoothly and stretch it out some, such a rapid change in beat can't be done that fast (although this is only my personal opinion).

It's also unfortunately somewhat repetitive, but the very fast scale traveling keeps it from being "boring", so nice job their.

Anyways although I pointed out a lot of cons, keep in mind the good outweighs the bad by a long shot. This is still a very fun dance song.

The beat is extremely fun and diverse, the insane scale travels amazed me through out the track. The melodic part of the track is great too, you just (once again) need to do a better job of getting to it without being so abrupt.

Anyways awesome stuff. This track definitely echoes your mad talent. Some tweaking and this could party with the best of your music.

It's still very good.

But you slip. The beginning is pure awesome. And then the slow part comes along and it feels so out of place, and the part after that fails to get you pumped up and dancing again. This song suffers from inconsistency problems, just like Chaoz Impact, although in this one its much more apparent. Pick a tone and a theme and stick with it. Inconsistency can work, but it's very very hard, and music is all about being able to get lost in the rhythm.

That's my two cents. Don't feel down though, your still an awesome musician.

As good as expected!

As this song probably was intended to, it pumps me up and wants to let me play a racegame for 6 hours straight.
The slow part falls a bit out of tone, but I can't really complain; Removing it would most likely make the song repetitive in what it tries to do.
So in all, it's cool.

[En ff onder ons, ik ben dik jaloers:P ik wil ook zulke vette beats maken!]