Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

As good as expected!

As this song probably was intended to, it pumps me up and wants to let me play a racegame for 6 hours straight.
The slow part falls a bit out of tone, but I can't really complain; Removing it would most likely make the song repetitive in what it tries to do.
So in all, it's cool.

[En ff onder ons, ik ben dik jaloers:P ik wil ook zulke vette beats maken!]


I loved it. It was pretty different from some of your other songs, but it was definitely a great listen. It sort of reminded me of Mega Man a few times too. The synth instrument choices were really good and the whole piece was full of energy. I liked it a lot! Especially the piano part in the middle. Great, great work.

I just remade a song from Chrono Trigger if you want to check it out. Let me know what you think!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/234381

Keep up the great work!

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

i love it!

wow thats ganna be in lots of old school games and at 00:54 was awesome!

Great but not the best

It's a good song. I find it gets a bit repetitive after a couple of listens but for a song of this type that's not overly surprising. I found the piano part in the middle disjointed though. It really didn't seem fit in with the rest of the hyper aspect of the song and it didn't sound like it was that tied into the rest of the music. There may have been some small thread of music that I was missing but if so it probably wouldn't be picked up by a lot of people. It's probably a personal preference but I still like dimrain a bit better. Your stuff is a close second though and I'll definitely be looking at more of it.

=) love it

i was gonna give up making music, but i reckon i'll be making more now. =)

PS: [any advice would be greatly appreciated...please? ;)]

(i worship you!! =D)