Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

hell yeah!!!!!

this song is full of energy alright!.....
the game this song would fit best in would be a game where you pilot a fighter in high speed blasting numerous enemies as you move towards their homebase.....
i love this song, now that it is said, please make more music in this style.....

cool music

this music is awesome i a have all the songs in my mp4

Another great work

You've got some great stuff around NG. Congrats on the amazing work.


Hardest track I've played on audiosurf. Good Job.

Lol! She is the master of NG (one of them, anyway)

"This song suffers from inconsistency problems"
Apparently, you don't listen to music much...diversity is what makes the song...too much repetition and you get a drawn out techno song...one that everyone has heard. We cant be having that!

Been quite some time since we have heard from the great PX9...^^
QUESTION: Do you DJ in real life or something? It just seems like it, or you said it before in a comment on one of you other works...:/