Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

Nice one!

Really fit for up-beat situations.

HAHA, so true ^^ speed makes blind, especially with something like this to draw your attention :D

oh man...

good song!

unfortunatly is this song gonna cause me a LOT of speeding tickets!

keep it up!

I always look forward to new stuff by you

And you never disappoint LONG LIVE PARAGONX9 :D

Musically Speaking

You always had a way of using delays and having them smooth breakdowns.

The panning is nice and the arrangement is too. Keep up the great effort!

nice job

has a very powerful beat that if i tried dancing to the beat exactly, it would give me a heart attack in DDR :( but it is an awsome song none the less.
10/10 submission vote of 5/5

p.s still loveing your music it has come alone way over the years and it is really good still.