Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


In short: I love it all! You're a living inspiration!


I could say you could've done better... but then I'd be lying...


Great song, but to fast for me, i like it better on 0.67 speed in VLC player :) closer to the hard beat rythm. Even the piano part still sounds OK IN slowmotion :)
So thanks alot for this great song, still love you.

Great ebbs and flow

The instrumentation layering and fade-in/outs are well-timed and almost pathologically addictive.

Another excellent edition to your collection.

You're one of my favorite music artists on Newgrounds! I love every second of this tune, especially the fade out of the main vibe to a more calm setting for a breif intermission. I could see this in a lot of flashes and or games. Keep up the good work.