Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


Can i know what you use to make music?

Not your best...

The beat and high tempo I thought were nice, but the slow piano bit at 1:37 seems somewhat shoehorned in and unnecessary. It might be better to focus on layering more different melodies rather than slowing down. Also, at the beginning the clashing of the different layers seemed somewhat cluttered, but it got smoothed out later, so that's not a big problem.


Reminds me of ridge racer alot

Run a club!

And I will go to it every weekend I live.

This song is awesomeness without getting old at all. There is a lot to this song, a lot of layers that I didn't even notice until the third playthrough. Truely the mark of a master.

My hat goes off to you my lady. =)


i agree with harmsc12, your excellent talent could get you some fair money on the record companies, but then fans like us wouldn't be able to listen to your music. Keep going, never give up your talents!