Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"


this is cool, sounds like...something. cant tell. but its awesome :D i like the different effects you used in this one :D


WOW kinda makes you think of space and speed .......well to me ...
pretty cool SONGs including this one


This song is good. Typical dance-track.

At your place, I'd have added through the entire song the effect of a draft because as it is, for a opulent-and-futuristic-style track, it is too static for my taste. The piano bridge wasn't enough epic for my taste. Improvements can be made to the overall melody, too. I mean, the sequence of notes that you used, not much sound effects that were correct.

This song is fine, I'd play it in a rave!


every thing you submit is gold, why don't you have a CD in the NG store? Geez, you've earned it. I hope that people realize this.


I love pretty much all of your songs, but this one is one of my favorites. I love the fast beat and the melody that fits in with it. The "woo hoo hoo" part is cool X) I also like the suddenly slow and emotional piano bridge. Keep up the awesome work. You're very talented.