Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

A great direction!

I've always loved your songs, and I really think this departure into DDR type dance songs is great. I also love your seamless integration of piano-like synths into slamming techno songs.

dance queen :D

i love it.its the perfect dance song-keep working in this genre =)


This is AWESOME!! music. also this music makes me want to fly at hiper fast speeds


This is one many songs that you make and turn out great. It deserves a perfect 10/10 and 5/5. :D

This song is so awesome...

This song is so fast it makes me want to puke on a baby then eat that baby then puke it again when the tempo slows down into a nice cooldown and speeds up again making me eat 100 cheeseburgers and puke my heart out while gambling and winning millions all because of the inspiration of this song. Other than the twisted story I love this song. I noted the speed of this song really held it together and then that cooldown near 00:35 made me spluge. The tempo and melody of this song are the highlights and I like the backround 8-bit sounds. Then another cooldown comes in at 1:50 and I spluge again (out of eargasms). This song is non-repetative in a good way and deserves a perfect 10.