Reviews for "ParagonX9 - HyperioxX"

Epic! And yeah Hydro, I heard Caramelldansen shouts. They add a nice "fun" felling to it. I know what you were thinking.

Nice! I hear Caramelldansen shouts in there. :P Also, as I listen through your songs, you just can't quite get the tinge of Sonic music out of your songs. You just CAN'T. :P And that is one of the reasons I follow you. :D

Tight! Very tight!
Kinda made me think Sonic the Hedgehog with the fast beats at first. XD (that and video games in general for some reason)
Also, neat temporary "change of pace" around half-way through (@1:37)! Didn't expect that.
Overall, nice work!

My bro: Hey bro listen to this but drink this first -hands carbonated water-
Me: ok -drinks- yuck what was that?
My bro: -Plays song-
Me: -listens to beginning of song- WTH!!!!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GIVE ME ANY MORE CRACK!!!
lulz it was that epic! RESPECT!

one word.
and that theres nothing better