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Reviews for "Mario's Lullaby"


Huh, wha? oh yeah, that lullaby works like.... like a... ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

afliXion responds:

haha niiice.

As mario would say it.. Wonderfal

Beautyful work. The bad news is that it put me to sleep on it's second time in the loop.I guess that what I get when my username has mario in it! Oh crud! I have to wrap this up before I fall asleep (again...) Good work. Keep making more wonderful music! LONG LIVE MARIO!

- Mariouniversity

afliXion responds:

Ha... nice.


Nice work. Different from anything I've ever heard, and cool.


It's nice! they should've put this in one of the games, like when Mario's usually sleeping in the beginning.


kinda sounds like the music box from number 3 but XD its still kick ass