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Reviews for "Mario's Lullaby"

its ok.

you just play the mario song but its quieter. not orginal at all.

afliXion responds:

Actually Ichanged some notes and rhythms. Thats enough really. The style was changed.


i like this piece but it's not one i would download.

afliXion responds:

Yea... its more of a song for a certain time I guess.


Huh, wha? oh yeah, that lullaby works like.... like a... ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

afliXion responds:

haha niiice.


I wonder were you got the idea for this.

Nice and Relaxing...

I like this little tune because
1. It's Mario!! You can't go wrong with Mario.
ans 2. It's very nice and relaxing, just like....a lullaby!

Nicely Done Dude.

afliXion responds:

Yea, the classic mario theme can be used in any genre. Its great.