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Reviews for "Mario 64 Bowser || *New Remix*"


i thout this would be another averaage mario 64 remix. instead, it's one of the best i've ever heard. bravo.

daYoshifan responds:

Wow, thank you :)


reminds me of when i was play sm64 ds and lost final battle and a game over and makes me want to get my revenge (yes i beat game but i have to do it again


i love this song !im a huge mario fan and i wished they used this in the games instead of the original

Oh my...

I love how it starts slow then rocks out. I wish they used this instead of the original. This is just plain awesome!

Very good after 27 indeed

You know i always though some 1 could redo this in asian style sitars the whole 9 yards if u cant then hope fully some 1 who reads this can try it this guitar remix is kewl though

daYoshifan responds:

Yeah okay.