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Reviews for "For the love of NGBG"

I'm running out of 1 liners to put here...

I think if we got all the random in the universe and put it in one event, we'd... Annihilate the Universe. Luckily, your movie did not annihilate the Universe, but I watched it in my bomb shelter, anyway.

I didn't get what was going on, but hey, it's like watching a baby play air guitar. Well, maybe not. Or yes... Nah.

Anyway, it was... Good. My brain didn't explode and... I laughed a few times. But... It lacked one thing...


But hey, nobody's perfect.

Are they?



good all around the board

The art style is splended, each individaul movie is well done in thier own right. Just the stock licensed music kinda blows. The first one was the most basically told story, but it still had quite a lot of charm to it. Characters were cute, and well drawn and animated, and had a lot of personable charm to them. The premise of a mugger or whatever interrupting the date, and the ensueing fight scene was incredibly well done. The second movie was the surreal one. The dinosaur type thing getting the crap beat out of it, being thrown through the air for almost a minute... interesting stuff. The interlude was nice, then it was back to the band at large. The third movie was a bit of a combination of straight and surreal. The shortest one, but it was still quite interesting. At least the pervert got what he deserved. All together the three movies makes for one very nice big movie. The three movies individually would have been great on their own, but even better as a collab. Would love to see another chapter in this series. It is really great stuff. My only complaint is if you do continue thses stories, not to let the quality go to crap. Otherwise, keep up the awesome work!

ok that was good

that was good enough to give you a five out of five. Next time just put a teeny bit more work into the quality of he animation and you will be great for the rest of your stay in NG

trippy, weird and cool

wow nice job yo. It was almost hard to follow what the hell was goin on but since im weird i was able to get it. If i was stoned, and believe me i wish i was, watching the mime video woulda been mad awseome. actually if i was on acid or shrooms that would be better, but i dont do that stuff. anyways nice trippy flash! (i say trippy cuz its kinda random; plus the joint being used to light the fuse thing kinda rang some bells)

Yay for Pat!

Hey! Good flash... Pat's part is definitively the best of the 3:P Good job!

(maybe Pat's part is the ONLY one that would qualify as good and funny:P)

Godlimations responds:

thanks man, but this project wouldnt have existed without Wallpaperman and Yoop. Makes some flash ey! I look forward to seeing them