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Reviews for "For the love of NGBG"

ahhhhh. good old randomness

best to worst:

1) Anime_Pat
2) Yoop
3) wallpaperman

Godlimations responds:

yep, I totally agree

great , absolutly randomly amazing !!!!!

lol im 13 and this rocked , and anime_pat you got my fav song in yours , SKA_core to the maximum . anyway yoop chose better music thats all otherwise its ok and wallpaperman , fantastic !!!!!! all of these had pretty decent animacions and great songs anime_pat i hate you for not making it longer NOW I CANT LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SONG YOU JERK !!!! ( im joking man and you know it ) so dude i would apreeciate it if you replied to this review since i have taken time out of my hugly big schechule to write this review lol bye man

Godlimations responds:

thanks for this comment, and like all comments, it always deserves a reply. I do apologize that the song stopped halfway, my original plan was to make the song/animation go for at least another minute, but I really have a lot more animations to present, and this cartoon was slowing me down.. so bam! it had to stop there.watch my other cartoons, if you liked this one, I'm sure you'll like Xunmato :) thanks


ok.... wtf is wrong with this damn thing?

Godlimations responds:

Jesus loves you.


It was okay, the only character it looks like you put real detail in was Violet though. The first cartoon was fun, but the Mime one just went on forever and the third one about Dino...I don't even know where to begin.


the first one was good grafics and the only one i could understand the second one was funny and had somewhat understanding the third one was a peice of shit