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Reviews for "For the love of NGBG"

good i geuss

but anime pat is a christian a-hole 4 insulting my faith no matter what faith u r u should never prech ur faith as the best or insult outhers in the end anyone could b right!!!

Godlimations responds:

well you see, why should I be called a Christian then if I have doubt, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. If you were truly who you say you are, you would have 100% faith in it. I said there is only one God, and I stick by that. You can call me a Christian a-hole, and I'll be glad to bless you, but know that blessings are much better than cursing, and by this small example has clearly shown that My God has made me into a better person.

Heck yes

its not demonic and u can always relly on god even if ur under a rock!!!!!!! Ya christian

HEY wait if your a christian...

then you can't like anime is demonic.

Godlimations responds:

ahahaha who says its demonic!! it reminds me of Ray Charles, he mixed R&B with the Gospel, and guys came out saying he is demonic, and going to hell for it! Dude, don't think Chrisitianity is all just boring and mourning, not at all! check out the lighter side of it :) if you can't trust God, then who can you trust?


Edit out WallpaperMan's fiasco.

Godlimations responds:

awww, that's not very nice... he's ONLY 14... :)


odd... but great :D

PS Anime_Pat I cant wait until Xunmato 2 :D

Godlimations responds:

yes, the game IS coming sometime this year! be prepared to face your revelation