Reviews for "FP! - Hotel Mario (remix)"


It's different, but goes together nice. But there is something about it that I can't describe, that's why it an 8, but it's good producing. like the game samples you used. especially the pause sample and then that build up. I also like how you used your own melody. nice work.


GayLuigi13 also posted this. ill let you guys duke it out. im giving you a 5 becuase i dont know who copied who, but who ever did origonaly make the song, its awesome!!

keatonkeaton999 responds:

as much as i dont like to admit it, all of my songs sound pretty similar. i release tons of songs. listen to a few of them and i think you'll realize i'm the one who made this. keaton-world.com/music.html

Omg there is a Hotel Mario?

Did not know that....BUT THE SONG IS AWESOME :D Great work i love your remixes

very nice

good idea to put their voices in it