Reviews for "Roof Tiling"

This disturbed me.

Therefore, It gets a ten. This is the only movie on newgrounds that deeply disturbed me, good job man.


it totally rocked and it was really twisted i like this kind of thin and u should 2


You're probably the first - if not only - person to make a flash almost entirely hand drawn. I didn't know until today that you used paper to make this cartoon but I'm very stoked and glad that you did. It shows that my idea of making a professional looking game that really is hand drawn rather than merely looking like it is a possibility.


this is sad but still 10


What the devil sort of name is that!?I've heard of spanking the monkey but how the bloody hell to you spank the turtle?
*slowly cocks head and wrinkles face*.........Quite demented......I LIKE IT!Good show old boy,good show!Reminds me of that freakish fellow Salad Fingers.