Reviews for "Roof Tiling"


That was insane, and insanely brillant. Bravo.


amazing! if you realy did this with deep toughts you realy out did your self never seen such thoughts articualted in such a maner ^^ i hope to see more of the phicological shorts that realy mayde me think and observe with much concentraicion and auw (my english isent very good)


although some might just see this as a creepy flash about some madman i sensed the deepness in it. Ever watched that old Twilight zone episode (was a b&w show in the 60's) with that old normal couple starting to argue about a really silly and pointless thing that ended with the man pushing the woman out the window sending her to her death. Enough about that. With age comes dementia, for some it might actually evolve into this, hallucinations that mess up your view of reality, even extreme cases like this. I felt very sorry for the old lady, which acts just like my old mother since my stepdad was halfway to madness already, obsessed by his garage, spending days and days there until the day he tried to get runover by his own car and seeked help

Makes sense

Although understanding the full story makes it a bit less interesting, it does help to compensate for his actions. Well done.

Quite relatable.

Top notch, lad.