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Reviews for "Vagues"

Woah neat.

I love the waves, very Japanese print-y.

In fact, the whole picture has that kinda feel.

Lovely use of colours, kinda get that Sun set feelin'.

Toi et tes linearts de fou, raah! d:

Ephyse responds:

Youhou, mais la j'ai pas de merite, le carton sur lequel j'ai dessiné était enorme, un A3 coupé en 2 par la tranche.

wow thats really cool, i love your art style!

The old History art on NewGrounds

Vous-êtes un déssineur marveilleux; My favorite illustrator on the site, no less. I only wish I had the competence and drive you currently possess when I was 20. Keep up the good work, Bon Ami.
-AF (Pardon my butchered French)