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Reviews for "Lord of the Pimps"


really good movie, well it makes me laugh to see the ignorant make them selves sound more stupid than id imagine. Inuyasha, and mongo to name a few, you judge people you don't even know, theres really no such thing as black people and white people, the places people live have dif amount of exposed sunlight and climates and everything is dif than other places, which makes the pigment of the skin changing, hence the differant colors, move to a place like africa as a white skinned person chances are later in ur family like great grandchildren there skin will be getting a bit darker and so forth, just shut your mouth before you say something your going to regret later on, all in all good movie


Hey nice job man if u make another 1 make it longer ight

Awsome! I loved it.

This is a nice little parody of Lord of the Rings. It's really funny how you show all these different pimps fighting. You should have made it longer though.


I thought that
"Episode 1: the lamest ending ever"
Was pretty funny


Ben-Spurgens last medal was Game-Over..... fucking ironic