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Reviews for "Lord of the Pimps"

i like it and i dont like it

first of all i like it because is from pimpslord.aso i dont like it because is not your so go and get flash 8 to make your own games not from other people,and that will be better.thats why i gave this game a 0 on every thing i voted.also i forgot to mansion to stop making game like this copy from other thing.better luck on the next one :).

nice work

i like it made me join the game

Pimpslord is the bomb

I have been playing pimpslord . com and it is really fun and addicting I hate when people steal your ho's and cars I at least can hire killers to get them!

To Jksnk

He was hired to make the intro for the site...he didnt copy anything...Nice job...Keep making Urban Animation...


but that guy wuz wrong if dat wuz snoopy then he wuznt smokin a cigar min like lookin from tha tip if done on perpose thats a blunt man weed man smokables blue berry yum yums