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Reviews for "Lord of the Pimps"

its cool

its really cool, you should make a movie of it.

Not a bad try.......

Opinion-Short,but it has lots of potential.....
However maybe the author got bored of continuing,like the other
reviewr said?

How to improve-well,this is a good starting episode so if u
could just continue to make more......

Overall-A not bad flash on the daily life of pimps...

Its O.K. But Really Short

And its only a ad for a pimps game but still nice job because i cant really make a flash myself except that im still working on it because it sucks


Great job buddy Loved the who get up you got going on their.... Only thin that held me back from giveing you a 10/10 on the graphics is that the rain was jsut very bad.. you gotta get sum betetr rain drops but orther from that it was awsome.. Guy in the red is a masta pimp.


I liked tha guy in red, bitch-slapped dat hoe fo real. ^^ i liked your aproach on it too. Tha guys, tha canes, nice. Cept, where i'm from, pimps dont wear two dif shoes. Dey wear gators. but whatever. good job. ^^ 4/5